Teamblogco to expose Vancouver’s entertainment industry

Our friends at teamblogco media have decided to give their few cents on the entertainment industry by exposing Vancouver’s finest individuals in the night life. Adam Hurstfield is one of the top individuals in the overall industry, he has collaborated with many artists and has brought Vancouver a huge following from Los Angeles as it was his primary residence at one point. For more information I suggest looking at the web site for teamblogco.


Art of Play by Alejandro Portela, Dan & Dave

My good friend Alejandro Portela launched his web site not too long ago and its a killer success on the art of playing cards. There are some intense card designs available on their web site that you guys should check out! Dan and Dave have a huge fan base so you know these cards are only of the best quality. Our friends are number one in the designer decks industry (don’t take our word for it, check it out).

Club Zone appoints Adam H as VNA industry panel

We are proud to introduce Mr. Hurstfield as the Club Zone VNA industry panel! Adam has been an important asset to the Vancouver night life. over the past 10 years and his presence give the clubs a perfect name where he is appearing that night.  If there is one thing Adam is exceptional at, it is most definitely the power to fill a night club every single night! He is well connected in the Vancouver & Los Angeles area.

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Adam Hurstfield on the Vancouver Sun

SoundCloud for Adam Hurstfield
Adam’s Profile on Linkedin

Adolfo Allegro launches new backend design with TAQA

Taqa sources have released some inside information that Aldolfo Allegro has been helping Taqa engineer some new technology for drilling rigs. His assistance in the software is crucial to the development of this tech and is so far going very smoothly our sources say. The new application will allow information to be stored on external databases while obtaining a fast update speed and thus creating real-time data exchange.

This new software were developing will allow rig data to be syncronized at a super fast pace allowing efficiency to be increased by 300%

See Adolfo Allegro on Zoominfo.

Revwerks launch BCRACINGOUTLET.COM for coilover sales

Rhys confirmed with us today that Revwerks has launched its BC Racing Coilovers division to supply the North American Market¬† with this amazing product. The newly launched web site and online store will carry every make and model for BC coils. “We are excited to carry this brand in our inventory” said Rhys @ Revwerks. “The BC brand is well known for a high quality coilover at a reasonable cost”. Revwerks is a well known supplier for many brands and is known for its exceptional customer service.

If you are looking for BC Racing Coilovers have a look at the outlet store online for your application! Rhys will be happy to assist you in obtaining your set of coilovers at a reasonable cost.

Article by Peter Danihel
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Rockstar Music changes to XOXO Entertainment

Adam Hurstfield recently notified MTV Europe that Rockstar Entertainment has now officially changed to XOXO Ent Group. The imprint label of Universal Music Group has decided to focus on its new name to avoid confusion with the many other “Rockstar” businesses. Adam told MTV that the change was only to create a unique branding for his music label.

Hautela is a club owned by Adam Hurstfield

Watch a video interview of him on YouTube at the link above.

Click here to see Adam’s Rockstar Academy.